Who We Are

We are a group of women who are fed up with the excess of this world, who are determined to make a change for the better.

Cassie is 35, with several years’ experience. She is the wife of Jerry and the mom of Jay. She is thrilled to have friends who are as excited about following Christ as she is, and longs for the day when we’ll be swept away to be forever with our King.

Heather is wife to Daniel and mom to Raylynn, Hannah, Stephen, and Andrew. She and Daniel are in the process of adopting Vita. Lord willing, Heather and Daniel’s world will get bigger very soon!

Sarah is wife to Ben and mom to Abbigail and Gabriel. She is also mom to 4 precious foster kids, and would take 20 more in a heartbeat. She is the Earth Mother of our group – always trying new ways to be self-sustaining and natural. Sarah is to blame for this whole journey 😀

Jennifer is wife to Fred and mom to Maggie and Jake. Creative and hilarious; Jennifer keeps us all laughing.

Claudia is supermom and champion to Nate and Evan. She is the support structure – always willing to lend a hand or an ear in times of need.

Christie is wife to Bryan and mom to Nathanael, Alex, Collin, and Elliana. She is always fighting an uphill battle trying to keep the rest of us focused on the task at hand.


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